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1000 Selfies Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - 1000 Selfies

Create a mosaic of any image!
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This giveaway offer has expired. 1000 Selfies is now available on the regular basis.

Create a mosaic of any image!

You choose small image "tiles", and 1000 Selfies places them in a grid. The more tiles you add, the more they look like your starting image.

• Snap a photo, or use an image from your gallery.
• Choose a category for your tiles, such as nature, animals, or—of course—selfies.
• Swipe left or right to pick your favorite tiles.
• Repeat. A lot!

(Q) That's all?
(A) Yes, sort of.

At first, the mosaic seems to be just a simple collage of the tiles you picked. That's nice, but there's a surprise ahead. As you add tiles, the mosaic gradually looks more and more like your original image! (To help see what's happening, you can tap the mosaic to blur the tiles a bit.)

(Q) When am I done?
(A) Whenever you want. Here are some ideas:

Play a Guessing Game
Stop after only a few tiles. Can your friends guess the original image?

Create an Optical Illusion
Stop at the "sweet spot". Often between 100 and 200 tiles, you can see the individual tiles and the overall image at the same time!

Hide an Image in Plain Sight
Add even more tiles, and print the mosaic as a wall poster. Up close, people only see the tiles; they need to back away to see the big picture.

Step by Step
Does your friend like animals?
1. Snap her photo.
2. Choose "Animals".
3. Pick 10 or 20 animal images.
4. Then look at the mosaic tab.

See? 1000 Selfies is placing those animal tiles where they best match her photo.

5. Keep adding cute animal photos to your mosaic.
6. Stop after you can recognize your friend.
7. Save the mosaic to your gallery.
8. Zoom out, the mosaic looks like her. Zoom in, it's animal pictures!

Trick Him
Your boyfriend won't put your picture on his wall? Trick him!*
1. Snap a cute selfie.
2. Choose "Sports".
3. Swipe right when you see a sports photo that he'll like.
4. After a few minutes, save your finished mosaic.
5. Later, present him with a poster-size print.

"It's a mosaic of sports images!"

He will appreciate your thoughtful gift, but you'd better leave before he sees it from a distance!

(*Government Warning: Overuse of deception can damage relationships.)

No Ads.
No In-App Purchases.
No Trackers.
Just 100 percent fun!

A Google User

The developer put this 1000 Selfies app on my phone, and asked me to review it with PROs and CONs. OK, I will.

PRO There are lots of tile categories, not just "selfies".

CON So really, 1000 Selfies is a silly name. but that's up to him. It's none of my business.

PRO He's a very smart boy to have written this app.

CON Smart enough that he should have gone to medical school, but he didn't. He made an app instead, which I am sure will save just as many lives.

PRO The sports images are exhilarating and inspiring.

CON So, how can he think that climbing up the basement stairs for dinner is all the exercise that he needs?

PRO It's a real pleasure looking through the beautiful nature pictures.

CON They make me wish the developer, now and then, would turn off his computer and go outside for some fresh air! He might even meet a nice girl. Who knows?

Developer Reply

Thanks, Mom.


Bobbing Software


Art & Design








4.1 and up

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