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80/20 Coach by See How You Eat app Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - 80/20 Coach by See How You Eat app

This app taught me to eat healthy on my own for the rest of my life.
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80/20 Coach by See How You Eat app
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User feedback:" I've done too much dieting. This app taught me to eat healthy on my own for the rest of my life. Thank you!"

SHYE Coach is like SHYE, but more.

Looking for something different for weight loss?

Something that will help you with your weight loss goal and building healthy eating habits? Without any pressure to eat less and move more?

You have found the right app.

Changing eating habits and losing weight start with a set of skills.

Those skills are both mental and concrete actions at mealtimes.

To have the right skill set that is needed to lasting weight loss and to build permanently healthy eating habits, and we have created this app.

Note. We know that you already have a lot of knowledge about healthy eating. You just might be lacking the secret sauce putting the pieces together.

With help of our 80/20 Coach app, you’ll get missing the knowledge; tools, and eventually skills that make permanent weight loss possible.

Are you ready to change your eating habits, your knowledge about nutrition, and the psychology of eating?

It's time to say NO to calorie counting and to say YES to intuitive eating, mindful eating, and learning by doing.

Start something new and effective. Based on proven methods.

Our team of dieticians, personal trainers, and nutrition scientists put their knowledge into the 80/20 diet rule coaching concept.


You’ll start by visual food journaling and assessing your meals. Becoming mindful of your eating habits is your first step towards permanent balance. Then we're ready for our next steps together:

Week 1 - Portion
Learn how to improve your plate's balance by collecting hearts for your meals in the app.

Week 2 - Hunger
Intuitive eating and hunger go hand in hand. Learn what the feeling of fullness and hunger teaches you!

Week 3 - Portion Size
This week you'll learn how to find the right portion size for you.

Week 4 - The Mind
It's all about the mind. Learn to understand the role of your mind in creating new habits!

After finishing this 4-week journey, you'll have all the tools in your use. You continue practicing and using the skills you learned. The SHYE Coach app will continue supporting you at each meal.

The 80/20 coaching process suits you if:

- You've tried diets & calorie counting without long-term success
- You've been yo-yo-ing with weight
- You're fed up with diets, yet you want to lose weight
- You want to have treats without guilty feelings
- You are interested in permanent methods like intuitive eating

The eat coach is NOT for you:
- If you have an eating disorder
- You’re an athlete
- You want to do Keto or pure low carb diet
- If you want a short term diet & weight loss


The SHYE Coach was born as one woman's passion for starting a Health Revolution. Now more have joined the mission. We have our own experience with dissatisfaction, dieting, weight gain & weight loss. Avoid the mistakes we made. Find permanent balance. Envisioning a world without dieting.


Download the SHYE Coach app and start your 20h free trial.

80/20 Coach app has not yet been featured on New York Times, Women’s Health, Forbes, or any other known magazine, but we do hope that someday soon it will happen as 80/20 Coach by See How You Eat has helped thousands of people around the world to find peace with eating and weight loss.

Health Revolution develops simple and easy-to-use nutrition coaching concepts. Our mission is to help people discover the basics of balanced eating habits in a way suitable for today's hectic lifestyle. We are against fad diets. We stand for permanent balance. Our vision is a world without dieting. www.seehowyoueat.com

More about our terms and conditions here:


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