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A.I Diagnose Skin Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - A.I Diagnose Skin

First best medical app of its kind that helps you in DIAGNOSING SKIN by taking a picture of any part of your body!
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This giveaway offer has been expired. A.I Diagnose Skin is now available on the regular basis.

First best medical app of its kind that helps you in DIAGNOSING SKIN by taking a picture of any part of your body! VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO DETECT ABNORMAL MOLES AND SKIN CANCER! You can get this health app with NO ad's! THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU FOR CHECKING MY PINCOM APP!
You need to download the OpenCV Manager app for the skin diagnosis app to work.

*A.I Diagnose Skin is tool that will help the user to identify any problems that you see in your skin. Just snap a picture of the area, and the Robot will give you a possible diagnosis with pictures. With your help, you can double check with the pictures provided for educational purposes.*

The pictures that are in the system are graphic. Not recommended for children. This is a tool that will help you in finding an answer and detect abnormalities of any skin problems that you may have. The Robot is not 100% accurate. This is a helping tool. You should always check with a doctor if you see the problem persist for a few days.

- Simple to use. Choose what part of the body you want to diagnose on the categories
- Snap a picture of the area and the robot will do the rest. That's it!
- Don't take pictures of large areas like your whole face for example. Just the affected area.
- Avoid any backgrounds and use the camera where there is plenty of natural light
- For parts just as fingers use a white or black background for better results
- Hold your phone vertically ( I ). Not horizontally ( --- )
- For areas like the face in Men. Shave before diagnosing, since the robot will be more accurate if there is no hair
- If you take pictures of other things than your body, the robot will get confused, and will throw random pictures
- You may use the Flash if there is low natural light, but it would reduce accuracy
- Take the pictures on a well lit place, preferably in a place with a lot of natural light.
- Take off glasses if you are using them. And just take a picture of one eye. Not of the whole face
- No blurred pictures or shadows
- Avoid places with facial or body hair. The robot will NOT diagnose well with body or facial hair
- when the camera is ready to take a picture, tap on the screen for a better focus of the area

NEVER USE THE CAMERA FLASH ON YOUR EYES! disable the flash beforehand.

We respect your privacy. We don't collect, or share any personal information from you. There is no need of internet connection to use this application, but it is recommended for you to find and compare answers quickly. We are not responsible for any misuse of this application. Take in mind that the pictures that are shown for the user to compare are graphic, and it is not recommended for children to see

Please take in mind that the Robot is not 100% accurate, it is just a helping tool. If you experience any problem with the application let me know. Your suggestions and ideas will be well received. Thank you and I hope you like it.


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