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ADR Dangerous Goods Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - ADR Dangerous Goods

Search and view all the ADR data about any substance in the ADR system.
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ADR Dangerous Goods
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Ever felt unsure of whether to put the orange signs on your truck or not? Or if the dangerous goods you loaded is really allowed to be transported together?

This app lets you search and view all the ADR data about any substance in the ADR system. It also lets you add goods to a loading list which will then automatically calculate the points for you and tell you if there are any restrictions on mixed loading or maximum allowed amounts. It combines an easy-to-use user interface with powerful features.

The app uses in-app purchases, but there is an initial free trial period that lets you try the app with no cost and no restrictions or limited features. You can choose to cancel your free trial or your subscription at any time. We know - there are other apps that are free or cost less. But what about their quality and correctness?

Our app has been one of the top ADR apps since 2012, and we take great pride in keeping it up-to-date and correct. We listen to our customers and value your opinions - we read every comment on Google Play and the in-app feedback system, try to solve any problem and consider your requests for improvements.


Magnus Wikhoeg


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4.1 and up

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