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Advanced Call Identifier Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Advanced Call Identifier

Advanced Call Identifier displays city, state and company of a phone number when you receive a call.
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Questo giveaway è scaduto. Advanced Call Identifier è adesso regolarmente disponibile.

Advanced Call Identifier displays city, state and company of a phone number when you receive a call.

You can easily customize messages by updating:
* Placement of the message on the screen - move the message anywhere on the screen or use a standard message position. Just drag and drop a sample message to the desired location so it will never cover your buttons or other call related information.
* Background color of the message
* Text color of the message

Features several useful utilities that can be turned on or off:
* Automatically update the Android call log to display the city and state of a phone number when there is not a contact name
* Search for the city, state and company of any phone number - the app knows the location and company of all active area codes/exchanges, over 156,000!
* Built in call log that will display the city, state and company of all phone numbers in the Android call log

NO monthly fees - Just a one time charge for the app which costs less than a cup of coffee!
NO Internet permission - does not use a data connection to look up phone numbers, all information is kept on the phone locally for fast look up so your privacy is guaranteed.
Messages will never obstruct your ability to use the in call screen and can be clicked through.
You will always know where a call is coming from! No need to search the Internet after a call to find out where a call is coming from.

NOTE: This app will use approximately 10MB of storage once un-compressed

IMPORTANT: This app and all information provided by this app is provided as-is.
The app creator does not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided by this app.
By downloading this app, you agree not to hold the app creator accountable for any actions you take based on the information provided to you by this app.

IN SHORT: Every effort has been made to provide the user with accurate information about a phone number.
However, phone numbers can be transferred to a different service provider/company, type of service (I.e. Land line or Mobile), or location.
Calling plans may offer different rates for In-network phone calls, Mobile to Mobile phone calls and/or phone calls to specific locations.
Please do not use the information provided to you by this app to determine how much a phone call will cost!











2.1 and up

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