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Adventurous Box | World of Traps | Full | No Ads Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Adventurous Box | World of Traps | Full | No Ads

Adventurous Box is a smashing blend of puzzle and adventure.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Adventurous Box | World of Traps | Full | No Ads is now available on the regular basis.

Adventurous Box is a smashing blend of puzzle and adventure. Just relax and play beautifully crafted minimalistic worlds. Every world have its own unique flavour. Adventurous Box is simple and easy to play but hard to master. You complete a world by collecting all the milky-stones, simple? Not that easy, all those milky-stones are living inside the places surrounded with awesome, but deadly traps. And yes! There are a lot of them.

❖ 20 Beautiful and minimalistic worlds with increasing difficulty
❖ LOTS of deadly traps!
❖ Superb combination of puzzle and adventure
❖ Addictive gameplay
❖ Soothing and calming background music
❖ Each world have it’s own flavour
❖ Randomness with awesomeness: Traps keep changing their pattern every time you play a level to give you some extra feel of awesomeness.
❖ No IAPs and No Ads

❖ Don’t stay in water for too long or you will run out of breath
❖ Always remember while jumping from one place to another, that you are a box and you need space to fit on other platform.
❖ There are a lot of traps and they can also change their pattern at any time. Like, if you have successfully escaped a trap, the next time you go in that trap, it can may change it’s pattern of working
❖ Always pay attention to the pattern of a trap to successfully escape from it.

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4.0 and up


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