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Air Bubble Rescue Squad Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Air Bubble Rescue Squad

Tap the fish on the side to navigate the fish in the middle so that she swims over the oxygen bubbles.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Air Bubble Rescue Squad is now available on the regular basis.

Every now and then a fish evolves too fast and finds herself at the bottom of the ocean needing to breathe oxygen. That’s when the Air Bubble Rescue squad swings into action!

Tap the fish on the side to navigate the fish in the middle so that she swims over the oxygen bubbles. Don’t let her run out of oxygen.

• Play 100 colourful and challenging levels.
• Swim over every single oxygen bubble to get gold.
• Avoid swimming over the obstacles.
• For an extra challenge play expert mode which is faster.
• You can switch between expert and casual mode and continue the game from where you left off.
• You can restart a level as often as you like.
• At the end of every level you are awarded a green (casual mode), pink (expert mode), silver or gold fish. Tap this fish to replay any level.

• Passing the levels is not very difficult and you should be able to do that in one or two tries.
• It is, however, very challenging to get gold and this will take some practice.
• You’ll need to work out a sequence of which fish to tap and when to tap them so that the fish in the middle is always in line for the next bubble.

• To complete a level takes between 1 and 2 minutes. To get gold takes practice and that can easily take 5 - 10 minutes a level.

• The aim is to swim over every bubble and doing that requires a lot of strategy in determining which fish to tap and when to tap that fish.
• At the top is a health bar that indicates the health of the fish in the middle.
o The fish gradually loses health which is replenished by the bubbles.
o Obstacles will deduct a lot of health in one go but each level is different.
o Bonus objects will add a lot of health.
o The fish bonus object will reset her health to what it was at the start of the level, this may or may not be desirable.
• The size of the fish determines the size of the spray that is created.
• While the fish in the middle is touching the spray she will be moved left or right.
• Always keep the next bubble in mind, if you move her too far she might not make it back in time to connect with the next bubble.
• Watch her health, if she has a lot of health you might want to swim over the obstacle so that she’s in line for the next bubble.
• But be warned on some levels the obstacles will destroy all her health.
• The level ends when she reaches the top.


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