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A guided meditation assistant.
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Esta oferta de regalo ha expirado. Astral Projection Essentials Ads Free ya está disponible.

After talking to our app users, we decided to offer an ad-free version of our Astral Projection Essentials app. No more ads!

This Guided Meditation session is for those of you who like to experience an out of body experience, or 'Astral Projection'. There is a gentle soothing male voice whose aim is to talk you into a state of meditation and help you visualize yourself ascending out of your physical body and up onto the Astral Plane. As he speaks, gentle relaxation music plays in the background to aid you into the ultimate meditative state, this continues long after he has stopped speaking, to help you stay relaxed, focused, and in your state of meditation on the Astral Plane.

For best results, you will need to listen to this meditation through headphones, and during a time of day when you know, you will not be disturbed.

This app contains:

- Step by Step guide to Astral Projection
- Astral Projection Podcasts
- Plenty of Astral Projection articles
- The Astral Plane ebook by C. W. Leadbeater
- Breathing techniques
- Meditation Practices
- Binaural Beats to get you into the right state to achieve OBE

So if Astral Projection is something you want to experience but did not know how to go about it, this could potentially be a good place to start. See you on the inside!

Enjoy your explorations!


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