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Baby Worlds | Their first app Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Baby Worlds | Their first app

An interactive bilingual experience.
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Bu programın süresi doldu. Baby Worlds | Their first app artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

Baby Worlds is designed to be the first interactive experience of the youngest children. Share the experience with your child and you'll see how they learn while both of you enjoy your time together.

It's simple interface allows them to navigate between the worlds intuitively through the bottom sliding menu. Thanks to it's integrated screen lock, they'll be able to fully enjoy the experience safely without the possibility of accidentally exiting the application.

It doesn't contain any kind of publicity, in-app purchases, external links or inconveniences that may frustrate the child or put the device at risk.


- Integrated screen lock.
Depending on the device, when the game starts with the screen lock enabled, instructions will appear showing how to unlock the screen and return to the main menu.

- Compatible with smartphones and tablets.
Optimized for up to 4K resolutions.

- Spanish-English
From the main menu you can choose whether you want the numbers and letters worlds in Spanish or English, to support them in their first bilingual interactive experience.
Desde el menú principal del juego podemos seleccionar si queremos poner los mundos de las letras y de los números en idioma

- Options menu
In the options menu you'll find the music volume. Game sounds are considered part of the learning experience, in order to adjust their volume, simply change the device volume.
You may enable or disable the integrated screen lock. If you disable the screen lock, the app may be easily exited using the device keys.
With the screen lock enabled, you can make the device emit a sound when it's unlocked.
The last option is a timer which controls how long it'll take for the device interface to hide once it's shown.


- Animal World: Explore and learn the animals and the sounds they make.

- Beach World: Spend a day and a night having fun at the beach.

- Sea bottom: In the depths of the sea, they'll find their first puzzle, help the diver to open the chest.

- Park World: Enjoy an afternoon at the park.

- Letter Theatre: Discover the letters and the words that start with them.

- Number Barn: Learn the numbers counting animals at the barn.

- Color World: Draw, fill and let their imagination fly.

- Bubble World: Colorful bubbles that boost the child's visomotor skills.

• Special thanks to:
Dedicated to our little beta-testers

Thanks to:
Kevin Macleod












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