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Baelo Claudia App Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Baelo Claudia App

A complete guide for Baelo Claudia.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Baelo Claudia App is now available on the regular basis.

Baelo Claudia App is a complete guide that allows you to see during your visit what the city of Baelo Claudia was like in the past through your smartphone or Tablet Pc.
Enjoy spectacular 360º views with 3D reconstructions that recreate in detail the monumental buildings of the Forum and that allow you to understand the remains preserved by mixing past and present of the Archaeological Ensemble.
You will learn all about its architecture, the Roman religion, the economy of Baelo Claudia and the daily life of its inhabitants through locutions suitable for all kinds of visitors.
Access Videos with Virtual Reconstructions of the entire city, its urban planning and its territory, which will give you a complete overview during Your visit.
You will have a detailed map that will guide you through your journey, showing you the main points of interest and your position in real time.
Learn about the main novelties in the investigation of one of the best examples of Roman city of the Peninsula.
La Sibila SL offers you an innovative experience, based on a joint research project by the leading experts in the yacimie nto of Baelo Claudia.

Download our App and discover Baelo Claudia Like You've Never Seen It.

Functionalities of this Application:
Detailed map of the Archaeological Site with indication of the trails enabled for visitors and positioning system GPS of the user's position.
Choice of available languages ​​and full translation into Spanish and English.
Full access to Explanatory Videos from the 3D Reconstruction of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia and the Territory of Ensenada de Bologna.
Access to 8 360º viewers with detailed recreations of the Baelo Claudia Forum and its most monumental buildings, including: Capitoline Triad, Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Isis, East and West Porticos, Curia, Tabularium and Basilica.
Explanatory tutorials on the functionalities of our App.
Selective Reality System that allows you an adjustable transition between the current vision of the Archaeological Ensemble and the complete Virtual Reconstruction of the environment. Explanatory phrases structured in three levels for each of the 360º Viewers
Recognition system that shows the name of the central screen element in the 360º Viewers
Solar Vision System that allows managing the luminosity from the Viewers in Low visibility situations outdoors.

EULA User License Agreement: http://lasibila.es/eula.html

App designed for Smartphone and Tablet.
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