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BioLiquid: Water Management and Traceability Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - BioLiquid: Water Management and Traceability

Carry traceability in bottled waters of drinking, mineral, salty, coconut, sports, alkaline types, etc.
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Bu programın süresi doldu. BioLiquid: Water Management and Traceability artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

BioLiquid is an application to carry traceability in bottled waters of drinking, mineral, salty, coconut, sports, alkaline types, etc. Allowing you to manage the information and production of all the bottles of your water exploitation. It allows you to keep a detailed control of bottles, plastic and glass bottles, hydration, sales, poor condition, diagnoses to determine what type of water is better in terms of health and well-being, as well as to register sanitary treatments, with official exploitation data.

What can be done with the application?


- Create geolocated farms by adding the type of water:

Acid water

Alkaline water

Soft water

Distilled water

Sweet water

Hard water

Water table

Mineral water

Mining-medicinal water

Drinking water


Saline water

Underground water

Thermal water

- 3 operating states are defined:
-> Not Started
-> Started
-> Completed

- Filter by several options and consult the operating summary.
- Update data.
- Export the exploitation report via EXCEL or PDF.

- We offer 4 ways to add your waters to the APP:

o Water Lot: You can choose from 5 Units to 1000 Units of samples to the chosen farm.

o Enter data manually.

o Import an Excel: Download the template, add your waters and import everything from the APP.

o Scan the Water barcode and import the data.

★ GEOLOCATION: Locate registered farms according to the different available navigation options.


- Record the kilometers traveled and control your consumption of spent liters.

★ SYNCHRONIZE DATA: You have changed your device or want to return to the last synchronized state, use synchronization.


- If you handle a very large farm and at some point notice some kind of slowness, use data compaction.

★ WORK SHEET: Control your evolution by:

- TimeLine: Consult your historical data line by navigating directly to the item.
- Statistics.

★ INFORMATIVE PANEL: Keep informed at all times of the management made from the initial view, which offers the account of each sample broken down by type, displacement, exploitation or sanitation performed.


* Video-Tutorials: Learn to use the APP with the videos provided from the Help session.




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4.1 and up

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