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The story is circumscribed to the episode that the girl lives in the house of the dwarves.
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Snow White is a fragment of the Grimm brothers' story “Snow White” written in verse by Gabriela Mistral. The story is circumscribed to the episode that the girl lives in the house of the dwarves, from her entrance to the house, her journey discovering all the dwarves' belongings until their arrival and the encounter they have with Blanca Snow. Inspired by nature, the author uses comparisons with flowers and trees. The versed tale has a rich vocabulary. Towards the end, comes the spell of the dwarves scaring the images that the girl may have. They don't want to wake her up from her deep sleep. They will let her sleep "until the rooster crows." The illustrations by the Catalan illustrator Carles Ballesteros, based in Chile, give the book an air of modernity, while bringing the story closer to contemporary aesthetics.


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