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BodyShapr: Body Progress Photo Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - BodyShapr: Body Progress Photo

With BodyShapr, you can make Before & After comparisons to truly visualize your progress.
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This giveaway offer has expired. BodyShapr: Body Progress Photo is now available on the regular basis.

Are you on a Fitness Journey? With BodyShapr, you can make Before & After comparisons to truly visualize your progress. See that your hard work pays off by taking pictures of your body and choose from a variety of tools at your disposal including Slider, GIF, Lapse and Collage. It doesn't matter how big or small your fitness goals are, motivation is being able to truly visualize your progress.

● Advanced Comparison Modes: GIF, Slider, Lapse, Collage
● Import pictures from you Photo Library
● Before & After Times 20: Compare up to 20 pictures to truly visualize your transformation
● Motivate Each Other: Find your friends and start sharing your progress
● Picture Perfect: The Superimpose tool makes sure all your photos fall into place
● Weight Watcher: Keep track of your weight
● BMI: Integrated Body Mass Index calculator and reference chart
● Sharing is Caring: You can share both within and outside the app

...and more.

Think of BodyShapr as:

A handy tool to keep track of your fitness progress and celebrate both small and big milestones

Visually monitor how you're doing on certain diets and fitness programs

Assess the need to adjust your routine to prioritize certain parts of your body that may be underdeveloped

A great way to keep yourself motivated and results oriented

Unlike many apps, everything is included in your one-time purchase, we believe in the overall better experience of unlocking everything from the get-go. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular updates.

We've worked very hard on this app, but we realize this is just the beginning, and in order for the app to be even better on the long run we need your feedback.

Thank you so much and happy goal crushing! :)


Jafar Najafov


Health & Fitness








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