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BT Soccer/Football Controller Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - BT Soccer/Football Controller

One of the best score keeping and timer tools specifically designed for soccer & football.
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BT Soccer/Football Controller
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The BT Soccer/Football Controller is one of the best score keeping and timer tools specifically designed for soccer & football (International, Indoor, Youth Leagues, custom rules, etc.). You may use it as a stand alone tool for keeping score and time or, as well, it can be used as a remote controller for the supported BT Soccer/Football Scoreboard app. The interface is clean and intuitive, with clearly labeled buttons and direct touch interface. With proven success in other sports, we are happy to expand our technologies to soccer. The BT Soccer/Football Controller app is easy to learn and new users can be running the time and score in no time.

Videos & Tutorials of Related Scoreboard Products:
Preview: https://youtu.be/aCbgc-BhjUc
In-depth Tutorial: https://youtu.be/fopYwQPOZ2k
You may watch the tutorial above to learn the basics of using the BT Soccer/Football Controller app as a remote control and connecting to other scoreboards and devices.

BT Soccer/Football Controller App Features:
- Clean design, no ads
- Intuitive direct tap and swipe controls
- Remotely control scoreboards, and other devices with WiFi or Bluetooth
- Convenient Presets (International, Indoor, Indoor w/ Quarters, College, Youth Leagues, and more...)
- Convenient timers: period timer, rest timer, timeout timer, overtime, etc.
- Customizable count up or count down timer, depending on your league's needs
- Fully customizable game in the settings
- Whistle sound effects for beginning, end of period, half notifications.
- Quick Start Documentation below

The BT Soccer/Football Controller app was created by The BT Company. The BT Company focuses on high quality sports academies, leagues, and technologies that are used to support those academies and leagues. We open our technology to the public so everyone in the sports community can experience the same technologies that we use within our institutions.

# Quick Start Documentation:
All the actions below have corresponding controller buttons that may be used instead.

Score Controls:
- Use +1/-1 buttons for corresponding team, or use direct scoreboard touch interface below:
- Tap directly on the score to increase quickly
- Swipe up/down score to increase/decrease
- Hold down on team names to adjust name and color of teams

Time Controls:
- Use "Start", "Pause" buttons or use direct timer touch interface below:
- Tap period timer to start/pause
- Tap timeout, rest timers to early transition to next stage

Stoppage Time, End Period Control:
- If game is in stoppage time, "End Period" button will appear. Press to end the period. Or use direct touch interface below:
- If game is in stoppage time, hold down on the timer to end the period

Timeout Controls:
- Use "Timeout" button for corresponding team or use direct touch interface below
- If timeout indicator exists, tap on the indicator to call a timeout.

Penalty Kicks Controls
When the game is still tied after overtime ends:
- Use +F/-F buttons to add, subtract field goals from corresponding team

Connect and Remote Control Settings:
- Tap on top-left icon (or swipe left-to-right on the left edge) to open connect menu
- Hit "Refresh" to find devices
- Tap on WiFi or Bluetooth icon to connect, green icon indicates connected
- If unable to connect or having connection errors try one of the following:

1) please ensure all devices are on the same WiFi network
2) please ensure bluetooth is turned ON on all devices
3) lastly, try to restart the app on all devices

Time and Game Settings:
- Tap on top-right icon (or swipe right-to-left on the right edge) to open settings menu
- Edit and save the many settings available

Exit Game and Reset Times and Scores:
- Scroll down and hit "Exit Game" button

Whistle Sound Effects:
- Use the "Whistle" buttons or use direct touch interface below:
- There are two faint colored bell icons next to the period number


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