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Calc-sium Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Calc-sium

Calc-sium is a powerful calculator, which uses the power and magic of Java to perform each calculation functions.
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Calc-sium is a powerful calculator, which uses the power and magic of Java to perform each calculation functions with utmost accuracy. The major functionalities of Calc-sium is listed below:
1. A powerful calculator which displays the instant calculation results even before you press the equals button.
2. Dark Mode Support : Calc-sium automatically adapts to the dark mode when you switch your phone to dark mode and vice-versa.
3. Highlighted Answer : Results are always highlighted and displayed, which gives a cleaner and easily readable look and feel.
4. Calculation History : Unlimited calculation history, which can be copy-pasted to the main display with a single click. History added time and date also displayed.
5. Unit Converter : Calc-sium comes with a converter feature which already has all major units implemented. Once you convert one value to another, it magically displays all the relevant units.
6. World Information: Calc-sium also comes with world time, Currency, Languages Spoken and Emergency Numbers. A sun and moon icon is displayed on the side to identify the day or night time.
7. Tax : Calc-sium has a powerful feature of adding tax value to your calculation. Once you setup tax feature, it shows a button with the tax value on it, therefore anytime you need to add the tax value to your calculation, just press the tax button and it gives you an output with the tax added as well as shows you how much tax was collected as well. There is an option to disable tax as well.












5.0 and up

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