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CarBux - car lease, car loan & payments calculator Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - CarBux - car lease, car loan & payments calculator

CarBux is a car lease and a car loan calculator.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. CarBux - car lease, car loan & payments calculator is now available on the regular basis.

CarBux is a car lease and a car loan calculator. Use CarBux to calculate the monthly car payments, the down payment, the out of pocket expenses, the total cost of a car lease or car loan, evaluate short and long term financial impact of a car purchase or a car payment. CarBux can analyze a car deal in real time and provides helpful recommendations during the deal negotiations.

CarBux breaks the deal into four distinct sections: acquisition, financing, initial costs and dealer fees. The input data is analyzed in real time for each section. The results from the analysis of all sections are combined for an overall deal recommendation and payment summary. Based on provided data the app calculates the monthly payment, the total cost of the car lease or the auto loan, total interest paid, the effective interest rate, amortization schedule, remaining principal balance, interest paid, initial or acquisition costs, amount paid at signing, deal discount, annual charges, depreciation and amortization, and many others.

During the negotiations and based on the accuracy of the input data CarBux can provide a high confidence "buy" or "do not buy" recommendation, The deal analyzers monitor in real time some well-known patterns and popular techniques applied by car dealers to ensure that the app users are protected by common mistakes. Bright colored tiles and colored flags signal potential pitfalls, provide negotiation tips and quick access to the corresponding input forms for correction.

CarBux features:
• car lease or car loan affordability analysis
• “buy” or “do not buy” recommendation and visual gadget
• car deal details tacking
• real time monthly car payment calculations and recommendation
• bright colored flags mark the car deal problematic areas and pitfalls
• very close approximation to the actual monthly car payment
• action bar packed with useful shortcuts and menus
• multiple deals archive
• detailed car deal analysis
• comprehensive financing calculations
• action bar packed with useful shortcuts and menus
• make an email offer
• share car deal details with a friend or relative over email

CarBux has simple first time user experience. The unique "buy" or "do not buy" recommendation gadget provides a deal score and recommendation details. Flags summary displayed on the top bar provides a quick access to the input forms for correcting the detected deal issues. Graphs and charts enhance the app visuals to make it easy to understand the car payment and other financial numbers and the impact of each on the car deal. The action menu provides options to allow communication with sellers or ask friends for a review, input, advice or opinion. Simple, but powerful lists management has an option to empty the lists quickly and start from scratch. Income, expenses, fees and other lists in the app use similar design aiming for consistency and efficiency.

A dollar app that may save you hundreds or thousands on your next car!

CarBux - Do not close the deal without it!™


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