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Cherokee Language Lessons 1 Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Cherokee Language Lessons 1

Acquire the Cherokee language though the use of pictures representing actions, states of being, and so forth.
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Bu programın süresi doldu. Cherokee Language Lessons 1 artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

This app is designed to help you acquire the Cherokee language though the use of pictures representing actions, states of being, and so forth. The app closely follows the material in the book "Cherokee Language Lessons 1". The book is recommended to get the most use out of this app.

This app assumes you know the Syllabary. If you don't know the Syllabary it is strongly recommended to complete the "Cherokee Syllabary Dictation Exercises" at https://www.cherokeelessons.com/lessons/Syllabary-Dictation/ before using this app. The dictation and writing exercise combination provides the fastest path to learning the Syllabary, and learning it well!

The theory, based on TPR materials, is that you acquire a language by listening and association, not by translations or reciting. Listen to and correctly associate enough material and you will begin speaking the language automatically.

The app uses some of the concepts for "interval learning", in particular, Pimsleur for same training sessions timings and Leitner Boxing for selecting which challenge should be displayed during which session.

Author: Michael Joyner
Font: FreeSerif [https://www.gnu.org/software/freefont/]
Toolkit: libGDX
Voice: Michael Joyner
Artwork: https://www.openclipart.org/



Cherokee Language Lessons




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Varies with device




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