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Chess figure keyboard Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Chess figure keyboard

This is a soft keyboard useful for writing chess game notes.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Chess figure keyboard is now available on the regular basis.

This is a soft keyboard useful for writing chess game notes.
It corresponds to the way of writing with figure notation.

A number from 0 to 9, lower case alphabet of a to h, p and x, "♔", "♕", "♖", "♗", "♘", "♙", "♚", "♛", "♜", "♝", "♞" and "♟" representing white and black Emoji King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn -, =, +, #, /,. can be input with one touch.

A keyboard corresponding to how to write English, German, French and Spanish is also made separately.

Please be aware that Emoji King, Queen, Luke, Bishop, Knight, Pawn may not be saved properly depending on the character code of the text file to be entered.
If it is UTF-8 of the standard character code of Android OS it can be saved correctly.
There is a possibility of garbled characters when saving with the standard character code of Windows PC.

Enabling Keyboards

Go to Settings > System > Languages & input > and tap Virtual keyboard in the Keyboard & inputs section.

You'll see a list of each keyboard you've installed.
Tap "Manage keyboards".

Toggle on the new keyboard.
You might see a warning that this input method may collect the text you type including personal information.
But this app does not collect any input content.
This is not a warning specific to this application, it will always be displayed if you select a character input application other than the keyboard that is standard on the device.
If you're satisfied with the explanation, tap OK.

Note: Instructions will vary depending on your Android OS.

Switching Keyboards

Launch the app you want to type in.

Tap to bring up the keyboard.

Tap the keyboard icon on the bottom right.
(On some devices this icon isn't present, in that case pull down the notification bar when a keyboard is active.)

Choose the keyboard from the list that pops up.












2.1 and up

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