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Clean up - Photographic Coach for Kids Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Clean up - Photographic Coach for Kids

Just take a picture and the children know if their rooms are okay.
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This giveaway offer has expired. Clean up - Photographic Coach for Kids is now available on the regular basis.

Clean up - why an app? Every child can see immediately if the room is tidy! Really? Why then these eternal discussions? Quite simply: because children perceive order differently.

Now there is a small helper: just take a picture and the children know if their rooms are okay (from 0 to 10).

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little tool that shows children, whether their rooms are okay or not? And that shows them, at which places they need to clean better? That is why we developed the Room Check for Kids. The Room Check brings a breath of fresh air to the subject of cleaning. Thanks to latest image processing technology, it measures the tidiness in the room and displays the result on a scale from 0 (perfectly tidy) to 10 (chaos). Since its judgement is objective and impartial, it stops the usual discussions – is the room tidy enough now or not?!

Thus, children and parents can simply agree on a goal to be achieved once or twice a week. The clean-up help is fun and ends the always same useless discussions!

Because the app does not use Internet, the privacy remains protected, no image leaves the app.

Initially a recording of the room in the tidy condition is made (target state). After that, the order can be easily determined at any time (see video). The scale goes from 0 (perfectly tidied) to 10 (chaos).

If the light bulb is tipped, particularly unclean places are displayed in the picture. This is how the child knows where to clean up first.

The calculation of the clean-up help is based on the latest image processing techniques. The use is very easy.

Because the issue of childrens rooms clean up for both children and parents is negatively occupied, there is some fun needed. With the Photographical Clean up Help tidying up for the kids becomes a game and good order an experience of success - a small reward can increase the effect even more. Because the judgment of the clean-up is objective and neutral, unproductive discussions are unnecessary.

You can also consider the app as a complement to traditional games - as a practical exercise, so to speak.

Since the app uses no internet, the privacy is preserved : no picture leaves the app.

•Up to 10 rooms can be covered simultaneously.
•No advertising.
•No internet connection needed


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