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College Days - Spring Break Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - College Days - Spring Break

You have nearly finished your first year of College, and are now on Spring Break.
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This giveaway offer has expired. College Days - Spring Break is now available on the regular basis.

You have nearly finished your first year of College, and are now on Spring Break. You are a freshman at Genetix University. Over vacation, you will make new friends and enemies, you will go to parties, and hopefully find love along the way. Every choice that you make will have an impact on how your story plays out, and along the way you will uncover a deadly mystery at the Island Resort you are staying at! Oh, and there are even pirates!

College Days is a choice based game, that lets you choose your own path - each decision will dynamically change the story for better or worse. You can choose to go out and party with your friends, hang out with your crush, or head to lodge to sip hot cocoa. Choose who to flirt with, and who to no longer be friends with. Along the way you will attempt to gain followers on your social media accounts, attempt to keep your grades up, and have fun without over stressing the little things. This is a visual novel dating sim with episodic content to interact with and progress through!

The story starts with you, the player leaving the dorms at Genetix University and meeting a lot of new people as you enjoy your first Spring Break. New episodes will be added regularly, and the story branches will continue to spread out as the possible choices expand. How it all ends is up to you!

- Flirt with all of your crushes and fall in love!
- Decide who will be your boyfriend or girlfriend!
- Choose, make choices that will effect your winter vacation.
- Interact with new friends and hang out.
- Name your character and craft their life!
- Experience a fancy ski resort, stay in a log cabin, and enjoy late night parties!
- Unravel a deadly mystery that is centuries old!

Deluxe Edition:
- Exclusive New Chapter
- New choices & story branches
- Extended existing chapters
- Improved & Polished Dialogue
- Supports future development




Role Playing





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