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CompetenceO Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - CompetenceO

Digital dashboard for teachers to manage multiple classes.
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Attention this application works only for tablets (not valid for smartphones for now)

Digital dashboard for teachers to manage multiple classes.
Application in line with the 2016 reform of cycles 2,3 and 4 (college and primary school) focused on the assessment of skills, it is intended for teachers who wish to facilitate the daily organization of their classes as well as the evaluation by skills in primary and middle school (soon to high school)

New: Validation of skills expected in line with the reforms applied in the fall of 2016 (Cycle 2 to 4).

- cycle 4: French, Foreign and Regional Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, Music Education, Physical Education and Sport, History and Geography (with Moral and Civic Education), Physical Chemistry, Life and Earth Sciences, Technology and Mathematics, and History of History Arts

- Cycle 3: French, Foreign and Regional Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, History and Geography (with Moral and Civic Education), Music Education, History of the Arts, Physical Education and Sports, Science and Technology and Mathematics

Cycle 2: French, Modern Languages, Visual Arts, Music Education, Physical Education and Sports, Questioning the World and Mathematics.

Some features:
- Validation of the items to attest the mastery of the associated skills.
- Taking into account the skills of the common core
- Student summary sheet
> - Management of students (chatter, business forgetfulness, participation, remarks ....) with the possibility of changing the headings for example chats by dispensation for a teacher of EPS.
- Adding student photos from the camera or image folder of your tablet
- Importing student names from a file in "csv" format

csv file columns are (name, first name, gender (F or M), birth (14/11/1998), email address)
download the example here: www.competenceo.com/classetest.csv
Respect the order and the header of these columns, the date of birth is not obligatory.

- classic management of the students' grades possible (adding notes, quarterly average, annual ...)
- possibility of importing shared csv file (common between the colleagues of an establishment)

For this go to the following address from a PC or MAC: www.competenceo.fr - > login
fill in your credentials and import your classes as csv (respect the format of the file classetest.csv). Then from your application (tablet) in the menu: settings-> Classes press the "Add a shared class" button.

This is a scalable version. Thank you for giving me your comments and ideas to enable me to improve the performance, efficiency and practicality of this application which will be a precious help for every teacher on a daily basis.

This application works ONLY on tablet, it is not at all suitable for smartphones.


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