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Darija Cards - Learn Moroccan Arabic Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Darija Cards - Learn Moroccan Arabic

Give it a try and regret it notIf you are a foreigner coming to Morocco for the purpose of studying, working, marriage
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Darija Cards - Learn Moroccan Arabic
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Many apps are in the store, but none is like this one. Give it a try and regret it notIf you are a foreigner coming to Morocco for the purpose of studying, working, marriage, business or even tourism; then you are in the right place. We have a selection of categories that contain the most used words and phrases in the country. From nowadays you will not be afraid of using your Arabic skills to speak with locals. You will not be shy to negotiate prices in the market; you will not hesitate to show your love to your beloved Moroccan prince or princess by using a selection of words and phrases that are made just for you.
This application is designed to take you step by step to be enable you to read and speak the Moroccan dialect. First of all the Moroccan dialect is much similar to the Algerian dialect, the Tunisian dialect, and a bit to the Libyan one. All the words used in the application are purely Moroccan to guarantee the origins of the its source. By using the application on a daily basic you will be able to speak and write the dialect without any problems with the help of the audio and the dialectical transcription. This going also to help you to read and text back Moroccan people.
The application is organized in categories; each category contains the most common words used and also phrases and sentences. There are also pictures for each category to help you understand the real meaning of the word.
The application is designed in a simple way to get access to a large category of users. The application can be used by small children and adults due to its simplicity. The pictures and the audio files are making it that simple to be used by everyone.
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