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Dashboard v2 UCCW Skin Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Dashboard v2 UCCW Skin

If you are looking for a bunch of important information neatly organized on a board, then I'm sure you'd love this skin
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This giveaway offer has expired. Dashboard v2 UCCW Skin is now available on the regular basis.

If you are looking for a bunch of important information neatly organized on a board, then I'm sure you'd love this skin. This one is 2nd version of the Dashboard series of skins.

The skin shows / contains the following -
* A simple clock, with hotspot to launch alarm.
* Missed call count, which launches the dialer/call history on touch.
* Unread text msg count, which opens the messaging app on touch.
* And a taskbar of frequently used apps - Camera Gallery, Music, Chrome, GMail, Play Store.
* You can change the apps assigned to the hotspots to the ones you like.
* You can also change the colors of the different text elements.

To use this skin, you have to install, apply and optionally edit/assign hotspots to the skin.

Install -
* After downloading the skin app from play store, launch it.
* Tap "Install Skin" button in the app.
* Tap "Ok" when it asks you whether you want to replace app. This step is replacing the skin installer with the actual skin. OR
* If you are using a KitKat device, it'll ask whether you want to update the existing app.
* Tap "Install". When that finishes, tap "Done". Skin is now installed.

Apply -
* You must have latest version of Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) installed. http://goo.gl/eDQjG
* Place a UCCW widget of 4x3 size on the homescreen. You can do so by dragging the widget from app drawer or by long pressing homescreen to pull up widget menu.
* This will open the skins list. Skins installed from play store will show up ONLY HERE.
* Tap on the skin you want to apply and it'll be applied to the widget.

Edit -
* After applying the skin as mentioned above, launch UCCW app itself. Tap Menu, tap "hotspot mode" and tap 'OFF'. UCCW will exit.
* Now tap anywhere on the uccw widget. It'll open in uccw edit window.
* Scroll through the components in the bottom half of the screen. Assign apps to hotspots in this window. This IS a MUST.
* You can change color, format etc too (optional) in this window.
* When done, no need to save. That won't work. Simply tap Menu, tap "hotspot mode" and tap 'ON'. UCCW will exit. Your changes will now be applied to the widget.

* If the "Install" step fails; go to Android settings > Security and make sure "Unknown sources" is enabled. Reason explained here - http://wizardworkapps.blogspot.com/2013/12/ultimate-custom-widgets-uccw-tutorial.html

Mail me if you have ANY issues.


Wizard Work









2.2 and up

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