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Decimal & Fraction Calculator Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Decimal & Fraction Calculator

Works with fractions, decimals and repeating decimals in the order of operations.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Decimal & Fraction Calculator is now available on the regular basis.

• Works with fractions, decimals and repeating decimals in the order of operations

• Calculator operations: ( ) ^ x ÷ + —

• Easy fraction entry: Blue buttons for whole numbers and Green buttons for numerator over denominators.

• Decimal entry uses Blue buttons. Begin repeating decimals entry by clicking the Ṝ button.

• Units of measure yd, ft, in, m, cm, mm to in or cm

• π as 22/7 or 'long click' π for 355/113

• Edit equation by clicking the term you want to edit. Then click the equation to return to regular entry mode.

• Operator edit: Click operator you want to edit, click orange delete button, enter new operator. Click equation to return to entry mode.

• Copy equation: Long click the equation.

• Long click in/cm unit button to switch between base units.

• Display your entered fraction, decimal or answer to the measurement screen by clicking the "=" button.

Inch to/from Centimeter
Convert answer between inch and centimeter by long clicking the in/cm base unit button in the upper left calculator row. Then click the "=" button.

Memory lists usage

(top left button of calculator buttons)

• Select the list button to fill equation (after operator) with either "Saved" or "History" values

• If input has an answer, select the list button to "Save"

• Hold (Long click) the list button to clear "Saved" or "History" list of all values

• History list saves the last 50 calculations

Convert a decimal to fraction or fraction to decimal:
• Capable of inputting repeating decimals. Repeating decimals are displayed as green decimal numbers when active.

• When converting from fraction to decimal, the primary decimal display will show an eclipsed decimal value and magnifying glass to open a secondary view for large results.

• Use the secondary view to see repeating decimal results up to 12 million places; depending on your devices memory. Increment by a million at a time from the "Max Decimal" menu item in the settings drop down to determine best results for your device. (May crash on lower end devices being set at 8 million decimals or above when viewing in secondary view)

Fraction evaluator

• Evaluates your entered fraction to show whether it is Proper, Improper, Not Simplified, or Improper & Not Simplified.

• Increase equivalent fractions by tapping on the 'Not simplified' and 'Improper & Not Simplified' radio buttons.

Inch style Number Line:
• Displays an imperial inch or centimeter style number line (not actual size) that updates itself as you input your values (either decimal or fraction). For both negative (increase left) and positive (increase right) input.

• Foot and Inch or Meter and Centimeter tag to number line.

• 'Bump to Nearest' Decimal = 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001 or Fraction = 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 and 1/128 or enter your own Custom Fraction Denominator from 1/2 to 1/99999 by clicking left or right halves of the inch style number line. Go to Menu>Calibrate to set the 'Bump to Nearest' value.

• Use the 'Bump Lock' check box setting from menu drop-down to keep from accidentally bumping.

Arduino Bluetooth stepper motor controller

• An introduction to robotics

• Control a stepper motor via an Arduino Bluetooth connection.

• Arduino Setup settings: '# of steps per unit of measure'. Set how many steps there are needed to travel 1 inch or cm.
For example: Using a 3/8"-16 threaded rod. With 16 threads per inch multiplied by 200 steps in a full motor rotation. You would need to enter 3200 to travel a 1 inch 'unit of measure' of the threaded rod.

• Bluetooth menu item: Click to pair and connect to Arduino device. When connected a Blue Arrow send button will appear and the Bluetooth menu item will have a check mark placed next to it. To disconnect uncheck Bluetooth menu item.


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4.2 and up

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