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Destiny of a Sorcerer Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Destiny of a Sorcerer

A sprawling action adventure features unique 8-Bit graphics, a surprising plot, and is tailor made for phones and tablet
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Destiny of a Sorcerer is now available on the regular basis.

A terrible storm has battered the whole of Ansilias, causing a young sorcerer - Pyros - to be cut adrift in an endless ocean. An unexpected encounter with a divine being is about to change Pyros' world forever. This sprawling action adventure game features unique 8-Bit graphics, a surprising plot, and is tailor made for phones and tablets. Join Pyros on his quest to reunite the deities and banish the monsters awoken by the mysterious storm.

A series of remarkable - and seemingly disconnected - events happen in quick succession. Only by exploring every inch of Ansilias, solving many puzzles, and interacting with the dozens of inhabitants, can Pyros hope to connect these events and save the world.

- Travel the diverse lands and seas of Ansilias... and beyond
- Switch between overworld and side controls for puzzle solving and action areas
- Meet dozens of characters across many towns and villages
- Fight giant bosses to obtain the deities' six tokens of trust
- A crazy story, lots of humour, and bizarre characters await you
- Find magic spells to shrink, fly, and transform things around you
- A strong musical score, distinctive FX, and many voice samples
- Upgrade your health and magic points to get 100% completion











2.2 and up

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