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Doomguard Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Doomguard

The weapon is divided into the main body and the accessories

This giveaway offer has been expired. Doomguard is now available on the regular basis.

The weapon is divided into the main body and the accessories, which can be added on the basis of the main weapon to improve its performance. Collecting more powerful accessories to improve weapon performance is one of the core gameplay methods.
*Items have their own weight. Lightweight but other items with high attributes will play an important role in PVP.
Weapons and equipment will consume their durability after fighting, and the reduction of durability will directly affect the attribute performance they provide, and the maximum performance can be exerted by maintaining full durability. When repairing weapons and equipment of different qualities, the corresponding fragments of different qualities will be consumed, and the fragments can be obtained by dismantling redundant weapons and equipment.
How to plan and use different fragments is an important part of the overall strategy of the game.
Community system
The community has the functions of community members' help, community warehouse, community member information and management.

A community is an organization established by players. It is difficult for lone wolf players to develop in the game. Joining a powerful community organization to seek shelter is the cornerstone of the role's long-term development.
During the club fight, players can use the data of other members of the same club to help them clear the level more easily.
*Honor value, the members of the society help other members or attack the members of the hostile society, they will get the honor value, which is used to exchange the special goods produced by the society.
World Map
In the world map, players can see other players in the entire server, and can attack all players who are not in the novice protection period. At the same time, all players will be attacked and plundered by external creatures.
In addition to other players, the world map also has map resources such as resource points and wandering enemies for players to plunder and occupy. And when the player attacks any other society, it will generate a hatred value for the attacked society. As the hatred value accumulates, the glory value gains obtained after successful revenge behavior will be higher.
The shelter is the player’s personal warehouse and base of operations in the game. Players can use the materials in the game to upgrade and strengthen the shelter. A powerful shelter can greatly protect the safety of the items in the warehouse from being plundered by others.
*The shelter will participate in PVP battles to help players defend the enemy's attack.










Mature 17+


4.1 and up


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