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Dualshot Roguelike PRO Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Dualshot Roguelike PRO

A roguelike action RPG game with unique mechanics.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Dualshot Roguelike PRO is now available on the regular basis.

“When the top-down shooter meets the roguelike genre and the aliens begin ... Crazy action and squabbling!” (C) an old warlord who suggested the game idea to us.

★ Features PRO version ★
Present! 10,000 kosmokesha at the start when installing now.
- Save without viewing ads
- Skin shotgun "Old Woman"

In the distant future, the land was enslaved by alien invaders. Humanity was forced to descend into the ground to survive. And now, former space marines and other heroes and specialists hunt aliens in the dungeons and try to clear the underground levels from space contagion.

The main weapon of the defenders of the earth was the good old shotgun. But the bullets to her amaze with its diversity.

Pump the hero, buy new weapons and ammunition, live the life of a mercenary, or set a goal to clear the world of monsters. What is your soul? Knight Space Martial or Mercenary?
Send enemies to the next world using various types of double-barrels, from classic versions to powerful and technologically advanced guns from the future.
Bullets ricochet off the walls! Proper use of ricochets from the walls will allow you to pass the level most quickly and cool! Dodge the shots of various opponents. Have you long wanted to play the best shooter for mobile phones? Just shoot everyone in retus music in Dualshot roguelike.

This bagel has not yet been! Different level options - libraries, laboratories, caves, etc. Levels are automatically generated to match the player’s skills.
The rooms are constantly updated with new ones, we are constantly working to ensure that you have something to do and improve the game.

- Ricochets, shooter + bagel.
- Retrowave music.
- Pimp heroes and weapons!
- Play for your favorite characters.

Play for free, all that is in the game can be opened simply by playing it. Follow the game in our Twitter or VK group:

Do you like the game? We welcome your feedback!


Mad Diamond








Everyone 10+


4.1 and up

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