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Easy Autism Typing Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Easy Autism Typing

Easy Autism Typing Make typing easy for Autism children.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Easy Autism Typing is now available on the regular basis.

Easy Autism Typing Make typing easy for Autism children. It make learning very easier and it also has feature of voice text which helps more in learning.

If you were unlucky and were unable to find the problem your children is facing that’s very sad. If you still keep your child help growth and learn the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) than this app is perfect for you. This app “Easy Autism Typing” is designed based on RPM method.

You will not need to pick up cards every time to show the letters to child and ask questions and writing down their response and making a sentence. We have done everything for you. You just have to click on question and type the question whatever it will be then give the tablet phone to child and ask him to write the reply. You will get response in one place and child can write the response of his choice rather to force him every time to speak loudly.

Following are special features of this application:

1. Write question and ask the child to give answer
2. This app speaks out letters on every button click
3. You can listen the complete sentence by clicking the speak button
4. You can save the chats and see them later
5. We have added multiple keyboard options to escape the child from being
6. There are multiple colors for buttons and letters; choose the best and suitable for
your children.
7. This app is very simple and really easy to use.
8. The layout is responsive so you can use at any device

Autism is complicated disorder found in many of the children’s. Autism refers to the victims communication issues. It also affects the behavior of person because he will not be normal as other people. The victim of autism can think different than others. They can’t listen and speak properly so they face problems to express their feelings. They use facial expression and gestures to make others know what they want to say.

In these days diagnose for autism is discovered but there are different types of autism so it is hard to say that everyone could be recovered. This could help if the parents know in child early age that child has autism problem.
Here are some common symbols which show if the child is victim of this disease or disorder.

1. Children will not make eye contact properly
2. Children will not show their interest in any activities
3. Repeating one thing again and again including any task or words
4. They does not pay attention to others
5. The autism children’s are very sensitive to touches, sounds and smells etc.

Don’t waste time in finding the boards to ask questions from your child every time. Just get this app and you are all done. You can type easily, listen and save the records. This is the best and fully lightweight app. This application can help by making life with an autistic child easier.

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