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EasyBiz Mileage Tracker Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - EasyBiz Mileage Tracker

Winner of 2014 Best Mobile App Award for Best Mobile App User Interface (2014 Best Mobile App Awards).
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Bu programın süresi doldu. EasyBiz Mileage Tracker artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

Winner of 2014 Best Mobile App Award for Best Mobile App User Interface (2014 Best Mobile App Awards).

Featured: IOS #1 Business Essentials, Best New Apps, IOS Main Banner, Best Travel & Expense Apps, Best Mobile App Award for UI Design and more! Top Rankings in nearly 100 countries for Android & IOS.

Lets be honest, tracking your mileage for business is a pain. EasyBiz is a niche driving expense app in that it is geared at the simple user who just needs an easy way to keep tabs on their driving miles and expenses. There are plenty of apps for exact, thorough, monotonous detail of all your driving expenses so if your looking for that this isn't the app for you, sorry. This app is unlike the others in that it designed for the user who wants an easy, simple overview of their driving expenses with minimal time spent logging their trips and fuel cost. Simply set your vehicles fuel economy and market cost of gas and your off. Tap "start" and "stop" and EasyBiz takes care of the rest; graphs, breakdowns of all your data, simple CVS export and Google Drive data backup.

Why does it have to be all or nothing? Many business owners just want to get a broad portion of their expenses back without the hassle. EasyBiz allows just that with a brilliant design and UI layout. You can easily filter expenses and routes with graphs to show you your breakdowns of daily and monthly miles, cost, and gas usage. Export your data by simply tapping a button, with backup on Google Drive to prevent lost data.

App Includes:
+Simple "Start" "Stop" GPS tracking.
+Metric System Options
+Multiple Currencies
+Manual Entry Option
+Label and Expense Filter Features
+Graphs and Analytical Breakdowns of Daily & Monthly Trips
+Simple and Brilliant UI
+Simple One Tap CVS Export
+Google Drive Back Up

Please Note:

We do not use any personal or location data on behalf of EasyBiz. The apps request to "Your Contacts" and "Your Location" is purely for syncing bookmarked business addresses from your contacts to speed up entry time & utilize Apple Map services. No information is collected or used for any reason beyond the functionality of the app.

please do not use this app while operating your vehicle, only when stopped and it is safe to do so.










Low Maturity


2.3.3 and up

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