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Face Balls Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Face Balls

Let your child push around small 'balls' on the screen of your device.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Face Balls is now available on the regular basis.

Let your child push around small 'balls' on the screen of your device. Toddlers love it to move things around on a smartphone or a tablet. Imagine, how much more fun they will have, when they can slide the faces of mum and dad, grandma and grandpa or their siblings. Or even their own face. :-)

Customize the app and create a unique experience for your child. Use the faces of your family members. Or why not numbers or letters? Or animals? Or, or, or... As the background of the app, choose the favorite color of your toddler, one of your images or a self-drawn picture and add new ideas for playing in this manner.

★ Up to six 'balls' can be slide around on the screen
★ Possibility of designing the look of the 'balls':
Use the cameras of your device or an external image editor for creating new 'balls' or editing existing ones
★ Several settings to change the behaviour of the 'balls'
★ Customize the background of the app with your own images or choose one of the interactive backgrounds, your favorite color or enable color swapping

Interactive backgrounds:
★ Birthday-Theme (including a birthday-cake with one to three candles)
★ Beach-Theme
★ more interactive backgrounds are being planned (e.g. farm, train station, forest, construction side, ...)

For example, the learn effect for your toddler could be:
★ Learning names of colors
★ Learning to count
★ Dependent on how you customize the app, there are many more potentialities for your child to learn. Be creative! :-)

Information about the needed permissions:
★ Photos/Media/Files:
'read the contents of your SD card' is needed to load customized 'balls' into the app
'modify or delete the contents of your SD card' is needed to create a 'default-folder' with 'ball'-symbols, which you can use as a template to create your own 'face balls', and for saving the 'balls' which you created within the app
★ Camera:
'take pictures and videos' is needed to take pictures, which are placed directly on the 'balls' afterwards
★ Other:
'Google Play license check' is needed to check whether the app was purchased on Google Play Store

Additional information about the app can be found on our website.

Have fun. :-)


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3.0 and up

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