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Fairy Tale Cards  PRO Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Fairy Tale Cards PRO

More then 60 excellent fairy tale cards waiting for your kids to explore.
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Bu programın süresi doldu. Fairy Tale Cards PRO artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

A very good education app to let your kids play while learning, and then learn from playing.
Helps the kids easy learning, and including all new Jigsaw Puzzles feature.

Pro edition :
(1) No Ads.
(2) Provides full-function. (★ Auto-Run Mode )
(3) Support offline mode.
(4) Support five different puzzle games
(5) Easy drawing pen function

1. More then 60 excellent fairy tale cards waiting for your kids to explore.
2. Contains funny pictures of fairy tales.
3. And contains name and pronunciation.
4. Fun puzzle game, let the children learn from playing.
5. Each fairy tale card is provided link of wiki, take you to learn more about fairy tales.

This is an app that helps your kids easy learning many Fairy Tales from the cards, know their names.
It includes 60 picture cards.

The app contains many fancy, interesting, funny cards that make your kids play and learn at the same time. Moreover, It improves the language learning, cognitive learning and listening ability that help kids grow happily.

English / Spanish / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / German

More Then 60 Fairy Tale Cards (Grimm Fairy Tales , Andersen Fairy Tales)
1. The Three Little Pigs
2. Little Red Riding Hood
3. Jack and the Beanstalk
4. Snow White
5. The Tortoise and the Hare
6. The Ugly Duckling
7. Sleeping Beauty
8. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
9. Cinderella
10. Hansel and Gretel
11. The Little Mermaid
12. Aladdin
13. Rapunzel
14. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
15. Alice in Wonderland

[JS10240219 C25.PRO]


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4.0 and up

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