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Find Fifteen Fairies Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Find Fifteen Fairies

A mixed hidden object, memory and puzzle game.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Find Fifteen Fairies is now available on the regular basis.

Find Fifteen Fairies is a mixed hidden object, memory and puzzle game with 5 different games, 120 levels, 15 different backgrounds and 135 different fairies.

Find 15 unique fairies: 45 Levels
Find 15 fairies that are unique. Do not click the duplicates. If there are 3 of the same fairies, it doesn't matter which 1 you click but don't click the other 2. When there are more than 15 unique fairies in a level - just select any 15. These levels are different each time you play.

Find 15 fairies: 30 Levels
Find the 15 fairies that are hidden in the level. These levels are the same every time.

Spot the difference memory game: 15 Levels
Find the differences between two pictures. Look at the first picture, press the "ready" button and the picture will change. Click on the areas where the new picture differs from the first picture. There are only 3 - 5 differences per level and they're the same every time you play.

Spot the pattern memory game: 15 Levels
15 Fairies are arranged in a pattern. Look at the pattern and remember it. Press the "ready" button and the picture will change. Click the fairies that changed - there will either be a different fairy in the spot or the direction they're facing might change.
There are only 3 - 6 differences per level and they're the same every time you play.

15 Fairies classic memory game: 15 Levels
This is the classic memory game where you reveal cards to find a matching pair.

Casual Mode: No timer; more wrong clicks allowed; hints on certain levels.
Expert Mode: Limited time; fewer wrong clicks allowed; no hints, pictures change when you press ready or when the timer runs out - whichever happens first.

Get gold by not making any mistakes or using any hints.
Replay any level as often as you like to try for gold.
Switch between casual and expert modes at any stage and carry on from there.
Sounds and music are turned off by default - please turn them on if you enjoy those.


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