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GALAXY MERGE - idle space game Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - GALAXY MERGE - idle space game

Welcome to the exciting world of Galaxy Merge - idle space flying game!
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Welcome to the exciting world of Galaxy Merge - idle space flying game! Explore planets and discover new speceships, then upgrade and merge your planes to create the strongest fleet in the galaxy.

PRO version is without interstitial ads!

The Galaxy is yours! The frontiers of the universe have expanded and collision with alien invaders was inevitable. The time has come for you to become the best idle space captain with the strongest fleet in the galaxy! Match and merge similar aircrafts to make them stronger and progress to the next level. Create your own fleet of merger spaceship with unique traits.
Beat the boss of alien invaders in the idle automatic combat or take control of the spaceship in your hands (or rather the finger).
Earn coins and crystals by flying the galaxy to get new ships, acquire boosters and use other upgrades.
Expand your fleet by merging spacecrafts and compete with your friends and players from around the world!

Travel to the most distant parts of the Space and conquer alien colonies!

☆ Variety of enemies and bosses;
☆ Unlimited levels on various difficulties;
☆ Offline earnings like in every idle game;
☆ Easy but addictive!
☆ You have a choice: either watch idle auto battle or take direct control of your spaceship.;
☆ It's like an old arcade and space shooter for kids!

Download Galaxy Merge now and keep for updates!

If you have any game problems - please contact us support@redmachinegames.com. We are also waiting for your feedback and suggestions to improve our game!

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Everyone 10+


4.1 and up

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