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Garden Time (Freedom) Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Garden Time (Freedom)

Create your own personal garden to do list
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Garden Time (Freedom) is now available on the regular basis.

NOTE: Garden Time is now available for free to help and encourage everyone in need of growing their own food. I have spent many hours creating this app and I hope you find it useful and would appreciate any feedback. Blessings!

Create your own personal garden to do list. Garden Time calculates for you the suggested dates (based on frost dates you specify) of when to sow your crops, either from seed or plants, when to transplant them into the garden, and when to begin and end harvesting for each selected crop.

Great for raised beds and square foot gardening. You may need to make adjustments based on local weather conditions. Use Garden Time to help you plan and keep track of tasks to do in your garden.


✔ Many common crops to choose from to help create your own personalized crop list.

✔ Complete control over date calculations for advanced users. (Useful for different varieties and conditions.) You can specify the days to maturity, for example, as different varieties can vary greatly, thus giving you a much more accurate calculation for harvest times.

✔ A place for your personal notes per crop to keep track of ideas and problems or log activities.

✔ Log entries for daily activity or event recording, optionally add a photo from your camera or gallery to each entry..

✔ Easy update and recalculation of all dates for following years.

✔ Quick copy and adjustment for successive crop plantings.

✔ To Do 2, a place to add any additional tasks you want to keep track of and add to your To Do List.

✔ Optional notifications to bring to your attention when tasks are due.

✔ Multiple crop display and sorting options to help you view things like crop family, days to maturity, season and planting preferences.

✔ Useful crop information from multiple selectable sources including VeggieHarvest; (http://www.veggieharvest.com/), Southern Exposure, and a couple University Extensions.

✔ Full database backup and restore capabilities.

✔ Search options to quickly find the item you are looking for.

✔ Updated interface and enhanced support for larger devices including dual pane options to speed up program use.

✔ No Ads, No Spyware, No Malware, No Internet Required!

Garden Time is designed to be customizable the way you want! Happy Gardening!


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4.0 and up


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