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Go Piggy Go Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Go Piggy Go

"Go Piggy Go" is a casual game of a cute and special piggy accidentally climbed into a dangerous machine of various rising platforms. The...
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Go Piggy Go is now available on the regular basis.

"Go Piggy Go" is a casual game of a cute and special piggy accidentally climbed into a dangerous machine of various rising platforms. The machine is pushing him upward to crush him on deadly metal spikes. Below is a lake of lava that turns the little guy into instant bacon. Falling down the machine, piggy wants to live his short, terrifying and thrilling final moment.

-A game for you who like the Floppy Bird, Temple Run, NS-shaft and others~The classic feeling of super Mario.

How to play:
Tap the right half of the screen to move to the right and tap the left half of the screen to move to the left. It’s your job to jump off the platforms and last as long as possible without getting crushed above or burned below.

The piggy has the "Health Point" (HP), and he will die if he runs out of it. The amount of HP is displayed on top of the piggy. The HP decreases when the character landing on a spike platform or jumping from too high of platform. But he can recover it by eating hamburgers and hot dogs.

To add to that challenge there’s the platforms; some are static, some are spring, others are rotating conveyors that push you off, then there’s spiked platforms that deduct HP from the piggy, while some crumble as soon as you land on them.

There are a few items and abilities to help. These items and abilities can be unlocked in the store by using the burgers collected in the game. Eating hamburgers and hot dogs will recover HP. Then there’s a metal cog stops the death contraption for a short period of time if you snag it. There's a magnet attracts burgers to the piggy. Finally, helmet can prevent damage from the metal spikes above for once. You can also upgrade the number of health points and the speed of the piggy. The music sounds like a dungeon level of the Mario Bros. series.

You get 5 life after you pass the tutorial. Each time the piggy dies, you lose one life. Life can be recovered by rating and sharing the game, eating food collected in the game and every 10 minutes.

Although might seen desperate, there is a way out ...

If you choose not to sign in under the Google Play Game Services, your local scores will not be uploaded and achievements will not be unlocked.

Wiggy the Piggy is a blue runt piglet born prematurely with tiny ears, tiny pink feet, and a snout-like mouth/nouse. He is a lucky piggy who should not have been born into this world. Can you save him against the odds again?

This game's simplicity and highly addictive quality can't be matched. It may seems easy, but we know it is not. You earn a score based on the number of platforms traveled, and that's what keeps you playing and saying "just one more game..." It's the perfect time waster and an ideal game for family.

This game is easy to learn and difficult to master. The idea of the game is based on classical games including fall down, doodle jump, NS-Shaft and NS-Tower. Go Go Go!

Min system requirement:
Android version Froyo 2.2 and newer
600MHz CPU
10MB Space

Tilt control (accelerometer) is enabled on tablet.

If you experience any problem, bug or just have a suggestion please send an email to:


Imagic Mobile










2.2 and up

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