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Gold Fish Drop Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - Gold Fish Drop

Drop fish with one tap of the screen.
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Gold Fish Drop
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Drop fish with one tap of the screen. Lining the fish up with the coin is the tricky part!
Gold Fish Drop has 2 unique game modes - puzzle and arcade.

Puzzle mode: is about completing the hand designed levels by dropping the fish to collect all the coins in each level. The challenging levels are all about dropping the fish in the right order while avoiding the spikes. There are bounce pads to use and doors to unlock. Also, fish can swim into whirlpools to teleport across to another part of the board. You will enjoy the peaceful game play and beautifully designed levels.

Arcade mode: is an endless game mode where the coins are randomly generated so you need to try and collect the most amount of coins. If you miss a coin, it’s not too bad because you have 2 lives. There is a leaderboard so you can see your world score.

Gold Fish Drop has:
* NO ads
* NO in app purchases
* Hand designed levels
* Beautiful graphics
* Simple, one finger game play
* Unique game play

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Everyone 10+


6.0 and up

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