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Golf GPS - IntelliGolf Premium Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Golf GPS - IntelliGolf Premium

Have a Great Round!
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This giveaway offer has expired. Golf GPS - IntelliGolf Premium is now available on the regular basis.

Now FREE... starting April 2017 :-) Have a Great Round!

The IntelliGolf® Premium edition software is “Golf’s #1 Scoring, Wagering, and GPS Software” in 125+ countries worldwide and now it's FREE (List: $29.95). Full version. No limitations. Download it today!

The IntelliGolf Premium edition is the only golf software to include all 7 S's of golf: Scoring, Statistics, Sidegame wagering, Satellite-based GPS, Shot tracking, Sharing, and 27,000+ Signature courses worldwide!

User Tip: After starting a new round (i.e. Play) tap on the Menu button for a list of options. On newer smartphones (e.g. S5, S7, etc) press and hold the bottom right (Recent) key or press the two outside buttons at the same time to get to the Menu options. Everything is there :-) Click on the Map button to view course maps with GPS distances for any/all courses (via Google Maps) worldwide!

Please give IntelliGolf a “5 Star” Rating. FREE starting April 2017 :-)

IntelliGolf includes:

  • > Unlimited rounds, courses, and players;
  • > Scoring for up to 5 players per round;
  • > Statistics for up to 5 players per round;
  • > Shot tracking for up to 5 players per round;
  • > Sidegame wagering for up to 5 players per round;
  • > 35 included sidegames (i.e. Skins, Birdies, Stableford, etc)
  • > Satellite-based Course Maps with GPS;
  • > Zoom, scan, and pan hole view features;
  • > Drag & drop GPS distance finder/marker;
  • > Cloud access to 27,000+ Signature courses;
  • > Scores, averages, putts, and totals for all;
  • > Handicaps, posting display, and course details;
  • > Shotgun starts, round timer, wagering dots, and more…

    The IntelliGolf software includes our all new Satellite-based Course Maps with GPS distance markers. Via Wi-Fi or your cellular data connection now you can view Google Maps of every course you play. Zoom, scan, or pan any hole. Then, long-press on the Google marker to move it to any point on the course. IntelliGolf will show you the GPS distance from where you are standing to your target destination (i.e. landing area, sand trap, etc). Plus, for GPS-surveyed courses IntelliGolf will automatically provide you with per hole distances to the front, center and back of the green, to the 100, 150 and 200 yard/meter markers, and for up to three custom fairway locations of your choosing. No cellular data connection required.

    IntelliGolf makes on-course wagering fun and easy with its 35 included sidegames. These include Bingo-Bango-Bongo, Birdies, Chip Ins, Eagles, Greenies, Match Play, Nassau, Nicklauses, Out/In/18, Sandies, Skins, Stablefords, Stroke Play, Wolf, and more... There's even a Custom option so you can define your own sidegames. No more adding up your wagers at the 19th hole. IntelliGolf does it for you!

    With IntelliGolf you can track virtually all of your shots quickly and easily including your Drives, Fairway 1, Fairway 2, Approach, Chip, 1st Putt and 2nd Putt for every hole. Simply tap on IntelliGolf's shot tracking boxes (e.g. Fairway/green, Left, Right, Long, or Short) and then let our embedded IntelliGPS technology determine your shot distance for you. It's easy with IntelliGolf.

    Download the IntelliGolf Premium edition software today! Improve your game, increase your winnings, and have more fun on the course. It’s the ONLY golf software that includes all 7 S’s of Golf. And, now it's FREE!

    Have a Great Round!

    Ads: The IntelliGolf software includes only 1 ad for our (optional) IntelliGolf Birdie edition desktop companion software. It lets you synchronize all of your rounds, courses, and players to our Windows-based desktop software via Wi-Fi. View cumulative round statistics, graphs, charts and trend lines. Review your Dream Round, approximate your handicap, post your group's scorecards to the web and more… It's on Special at www.intelligolf.com Over 85% of our users download the Birdie edition too!

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    IntelliGolf, Inc.









    2.2 and up

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