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GR8CTZ for Chromecast Giveaway
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Android Giveaway of the Day - GR8CTZ for Chromecast

An educational and addictive city guessing geography game.
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GR8CTZ for Chromecast
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GR8CTZ - Great Cities of the World - is an educational and addictive city guessing geography game. You can play against your friends or alone against the clock. The Street View appears on a TV screen via Chromecast; each out of up to 4 players can in turn look around and move about the city streets using their Android devices as controllers. As soon as anyone can guess the city, they can try to select one from the list. Your goal is to guess more cities than your opponents in the shortest time and with the least number of guesses.

You start in an iconic spot (Times Square, if you are in New York, or Red Square in Moscow) or in random point of the city. You can limit yourself to the Top 40 most famous cities of the world, or to the capitals, or to the cities of North America or Europe, or to English-speaking or Spanish-speaking cities, etc.; or you can try all 175+ cities from Acapulco to Yaroslavl. You have 3 guesses for each city; after two wrong guesses you'll be transported to an iconic spot, if you didn't start in one. The game can be played in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish.

In portrait mode you use gestures: swipes to look around, pinch to zoom in and out; in landscape mode your phone or tablet acts more like a video game controller with buttons for the actions.

If you don't have a Chromecast device, the only use of this App would be its Daydream service, and the beautiful Daydream it is: the rotating Street View of a random city, which changes every couple minutes. The iconic spots of the cities are shown and the names are slowly revealed. It shows the current time too, so one might consider it useful as well.

Before you buy, you can try a free version of the game (GR8CTZ for Chromecast FREE) which limits you to Top 40 cities and doesn't let you to look around and walk about. Whether or not you have Chromecast, you can check the Web version of the game at The Web version has been used by geography teachers around the world (see classroom recommendations at and was played by thousands of people in 75 countries.


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2.3.3 and up

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