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Guardian Prelude:Pure MMORPG Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Guardian Prelude:Pure MMORPG

Real MMORPG, freedom and exploration.
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In ancient times, the evil forces of darkness came to our world from distant chaotic universes, everything becomes chaotic, elements and magic are no longer under control, and many creatures begin to mutate under the influence of dark forces. At this time, the Templar, the demon hunters, the magicians, the Sword Warrior, and Berserkers are united to defeat the Dark Monsters and save people from the shadow of death.However, there are more horrible dark forces waiting for them.

High degree of freedom: exploration of large map,dungeon,maze,random equipment.
Gameplay: character growth, RPG quest, teamwork, collection production, pet exchange.
Control experience: High degree of freedom of gameplay, bright and unique style, simple and interactive operation, and rich content.

Real MMORPG, freedom and exploration.
Free Trading Items, Auctions.
Team up with friends to explore dungeons and overcome BOSS together.
Real-time battle, full of exciting challenges.
Classic random drop equipment, rare props.
Full map free collection and production of items.
Five occupational and professional career fighting skills.
Explore hidden story and mission,openful world game.

***This game focuses on the pure MMORPG gaming experience, no automatic combat, no automatic path finding, no automatic tasks, and fully understand this before downloading, thank you for your understanding and support.***

Kindly reminder: Choose the server based on your location first to have better exprience.

***contact us***
Player exchange QQ group: 661284783
Official email: service@coolit.com.cn
Official website: https://coolitgame.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fenghuowulin/



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