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Happiness Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Happiness

A lifestyle app designed to explore colours in a way that can be soothing or uplifting.
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They said you can't buy Happiness....

Religious leaders say you can't download Happiness...

Well now you can

Introducing the latest app from MapleScot Development


Happiness is a lifestyle app designed to explore colours in a way that can be soothing or uplifting.

Have you come home from work/school feeling stressed out and agitated and just want to relax.
Well then put on some cool music and start Happiness on your phone/tablet/TV and watch as the soothing colours and happy text or images encourage you to let go your agitation and feel that Happiness you want to feel.

Choose the Ocean cycle type and the jellyfish floating type and relax like your at a an aquarium.
Add your own custom message to float on top and let people know what you're thinking.

Happiness can run as your screensaver (daydream app). Set it to waves on a slow colour cycle with a sleep time and let it soothe you to sleep.

Happiness can run on your Android TV. Put on the fractal with a fast colour cycle and the Unicorn and amuse your guests.


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4.0.3 and up

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