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Headshot Booster for FF - A Real GFX Tool Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Headshot Booster for FF - A Real GFX Tool

Booster is a gfx tool that automatically reads your system configuration.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Headshot Booster for FF - A Real GFX Tool is now available on the regular basis.

Do you need a GFX Tool that really works? Are you looking for a GFX Tool that can boost headshot in game? If yes, Headshot Booster is the app made for you!

Headshot Booster is a gfx tool that automatically reads your system configuration, analyze the sensitivity, unlocks core sensitivity, adjust your game sensitivity with gun attributes, keep tracking on head motion paths using AI and finally boosts your headshot. Anyway, its not a hacking app or anything like that. It does enhancement in your system and unlocks some device capabilities to boost your headshot rate. It determinates the right sensitivity for your device to get better headshots and then apply it to system. After applying the boost, you have to open the game and try for headshot. Drag your fire button up when shot your enemies and you will get the benefit from Headshot Booster app for quicker headshot.

That's not all! This app can boost the game. Its an one tap system that make your gameplay smooth providing increased FPS. It automatically cleans your ram, optimize ram fragments, close all background services and process that are not necessary when gaming, optimize cpu and gpu and finally provide a better gameplay experience.

Special features:
1. A real GFX Tool!
2. A headshot tool!
3. Boost your headshot rate!
4. It boosts game performance!
5. Reduce battery usages!

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4.3 and up


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