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Hire and Fire your Kids Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Hire and Fire your Kids

Game played between parents and kids!
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*** Not just a chore app!
*** Proven to work!
*** Game played between parents and kids!

Ever feel like FIRING your kid? When your kids are driving you "bonkers" or you’re tired of nagging them to make their bed, try our chore and behaviour parenting app! It’s a game of HIRE and FIRE and not only teaches them to work for their allowance but rewards & recognizes them for good behaviour.

Kids are loving the ‘game-like’ reward and recognition system and parents are enjoying living with less friction in the household. Your family values are clearly communicated and the kids know exactly what's expected of them. Our app even does the nagging for you with in-app notifications, reminders and messages!

Let your kids take an active role in maintaining the home, be confident they know the house rules, and show them what they can earn while they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

No Ads
No In-App purchases
Use Family sharing to sync up to 5 family members
Post ‘payable’ Jobs for Hire (chores)
Set ‘non-payable’ Family Values and Behavioural Expectations (use our default or create your own)
Built-in photo function - take and send photo evidence of chores or expectations not met within the app
Built-in notifications of Jobs for HIRE, Pay Day coming, and more
Built-in talk to text messaging
Select Avatar professions for each profile or upload your own photo
Select chore icons or upload your own
Track progress, earnings and warnings for each family member

Let go of the chore chart and step into the digital age. Our app is a fun way to recognize your kids, teach them about hard work and accountability, learn financial literacy and other valuable life skills that prepare them for the real world. All while simultaneously giving you a more peaceful and tidy home.

So next time your kids are whining and begging for that new toy or device, have them work for it. And if their behaviour has been out of line one too many times - go ahead…FIRE them!

Parents create Expectations. If a kid is caught NOT following an Expectation, they're given a Warning (X). After a certain amount of Warning X's the kid gets Fired. A consequence at your discretion is activated and the kid is no longer eligible for the bonuses.

Parents create Jobs. Kids see the job listings and "apply" to the ones THEY want to do to earn rewards.

Object of the Game is for the kids to finish each Pay Period without getting Fired and earn the Incentive Bonuses making them eligible for the Employee of the Month.

Our game changes behaviours through play and motivates kids to take initiative using Reward, Recognition & Discipline. Teaching them how to respect your family values, how to be a team player, be responsible and be accountable.

Let’s Play!

INSTAGRAM: @hireandfireyourkids
TWITTER: @hirefirekids
WEBSITE: - subscribe and join our HFK family! We'd love your help as we grow the biz, get parenting tips, get in on more play along fun or be in the loop for our future releases.


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