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Hydroponic Fodder Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Hydroponic Fodder

An application that will let you know in detail the implementation of a project of ydroponic Green Fodder.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Hydroponic Fodder is now available on the regular basis.

Hydroponic Fodder is an application that will let you know in detail the implementation of a project of Hydroponic Green Fodder. For anyone seeking alternative solutions to the problem of drought and shortage of fodder in the nutrition of their animals.

What is Hydroponic Green Fodder?

It is a special system for growing fresh forage, obtained from cereals germinated provenientes of the forage maize, wheat, oats, barley and almost all the grasses. It represents an excellent nutritional alternative with high proteinaceous content, an attractive production of pasture, apt to be supplied to different species of animals such as; sheep, pigs, goats, calf, dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, rabbits, chickens, layers hens, ducks and cuyes, during all the days of the year and in any geographic town.

The application content is educational and is comprised of illustrations, animation, texts, images and is distributed as follows;

• Fundamentals of Cattle Feeding (Necessary Requirements)
• What is Hydroponic Green Fodder? (Traditional Vs Hydroponic Green Fodder).
• Adequacy of Facilities (Greenhouse, Installation Type, Basic Guidelines, Greenhouse for cold Weather, Greenhouse for warm Weather).
• Fodder Tray.
• Design and Making of the Shelves.
• Mist Irrigation System (Installing of the mainline pipe network, pump suction, flute, filters, nebulizers).
• Adequacy of Water Tank to Recycle the Nutrient Solution.
• Stages of Production (production cycle, selection, washing and disinfection of seed, soaking, planting and germination, frequency of irrigation, harvest).
• Control Variables (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, water, CE, nutrient solution preparation, lighting).
• Higiene del Cultivo (control preventivo).
• Crop Hygiene (preventive control).
• Supply of Hydroponic Fodder per Animal Species.
• Cost Analysis (Cost of Production per Kg - Cost of installation).
• Case Study.

The main objective of this application is to train, educate and share experiences in this new alternative to animal nutrition, here we reveal the details and procedures used in our field activities, easily adapted to any project for Cattle Feeding.

+ Provides an alternative solution to the problems of shortage of fodder regardless of the location and time of year.

+ For anyone interested in knowing all the elements involved in the production of hydroponic green fodder in small and large scale.

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