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init Personal Health Care Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - init Personal Health Care

Can help to improve your overall health and well being through intelligent ingredient identification.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. init Personal Health Care is now available on the regular basis.

No signup, no monthly fees and always up to date supermarket data for the UK, EU and USA.

init is an innovative and intelligent mobile App that can help to improve your overall health and well being through intelligent ingredient identification.

We work with leading supermarkets and UPC databases to bring you up to date information on all European groceries and cosmetic products.

At the moment init barcode scanning and product search work for most leading supermarkets in the UK and Europe and Walmart in the USA.

init OCR (Optical Character Recognition) works globally in English.

init works by either:

1: Scanning barcodes to identify product information and undesired substances.
2: Scanning product packaging to identify undesired substances.
3: Product search to match your dietary preferences.

Simply set your dietary preferences and / or add custom alert keywords to your list and init will do the rest with a simple tap of the screen.

Other features include:

Share products you like to your instagram or facebook account with a cool and informative image detailing ingredients and nutritional data.

Convert nutritional data to sugar cubes and spoons.

Nutritional data is split to pack and portion sizes based upon the 100g / 100ml nutritional tables provided by the manufacturer and the NHS recommended daily intakes (configurable in settings).

Search through product ingredients.

Identify and Alert for Carcinogens.

Large or small image mode (simply tap the product image).

List of recently viewed items (locally stored).

List of User favourites (locally stored).

init first release contains own brand data from: Tesco, Asda, Iceland, Sainsburys and Walmart.

init first release contains most major EU and USA brand data.

init does not store or share your personal data.

init first release may have some bugs please be patient and report these to us at paul@init.care.


Paul Krasnowski


Health & Fitness








6.0 and up

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