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Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer

A reliable kitchen reminder ideal for kitchen cooking timers like boil egg timer, tea timer, food timer, blinds timer.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer is now available on the regular basis.

Kitchen Timer Pro is a reliable kitchen reminder ideal for kitchen cooking timers like boil egg timer, tea timer, food timer, blinds timer etc.

Kitchen Timer with alarm is simple timer app, The fine cooking timer app with multi timer - adjustable stop clock features for your smart kitchen.

It shows the timer controls on the lockscreen notification, so even phone is locked you can snooze - cancel - stop the timer from lockscreen itself.

It lets you set time reminder to all of your kitchen appliances on your smart kitchen.

Kitchen Timer Pro Features:
✔ Simple easy professional UI Interface (Its best among the available Kitchen timer apps
on playstore, try it out)

✔ Two touch timer, Just Set duration and start and that's it!

✔ It works in background, which means that you can start the countdown and close the
app, it will still ring when the time is up.

✔ It vibrates and it makes a sound when time is up, with notification you can quickly snooze for more time or stop the timer.

How to use it:(You can also find help and tips in app)
✔ Set the Timer Duration: Tap on default duration shown and set the timer duration you
want. then click on start icon to start the countdown.

✔ Cancel the Timer: Tap on the Stop icon and the ongoing countdown will stop.

✔ Pause for a while: Tap on the pause icon and you can resume it later.

✔ Snooze, i need more time: once time is up, it will show you option to snooze, if you tap
on it, you will see predefined snooze minutes to snooze the timer.

✔ Saving my settings: Create new dishes and specify the timer duration, you can use it
later to start the timer quickly.

Kitchen timer pro is really simple.
You can set the timers faster on Kitchen timer pro than any of the other apps out there. also you can save timers that you often use.

There are default dishes available for you with timer duration, so you can just quickly choose one instead of having to set the time.

You can create many more such dishes with timer duration you want,
and later you can use it for quick timer. It will continue to ring until you stop or snooze it.

it keeps track of the time that a countdown is exceeded. If you need to keep the steak on for another minute, just snooze it for a minute more. you can configure default snooze times in settings.

No silly mechanical wheel or dial simulations that just slow the interface down.
Favorite timer app. Extremely simple and intuitive.

You can create dishes and give them name and timer durations, so if you always like to make hard-boiled eggs for exactly 6 minutes, that’s no problem for Kitchen Timer Pro. Also, you can set Kitchen Timer for much longer intervals.

it provides multiple alarms before the timer runs out. This means you can set it even for a time-sensitive kitchen task, walk away from the stove, and rest assured it will call you back with time to spare before the moment of truth (also known as the moment you take the noodles off the fire).

Please visit www.yogeshdama.com for more details
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