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Last Message Plus Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Last Message Plus

Last Message's extended version to whom want more than 9 endings and need to know more.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Last Message Plus is now available on the regular basis.

Last Message's extended version to whom want more than 9 endings and need to know more.

Can something be so scary to let someone mad just by hear about?
All begins when someone sends you a message from one of your friend's cellphone calling for help to escape from a situation so complicated as obscure. Choose the option that looks more appropriate and face the consequences, guiding a complete stranger through tunnels, passing by creatures capables of inspire madness in the eyes of the observer. Your choices doesn't change just the story, but who you are inside it. Find the exit or lost yourself in the progress.

- In comparison with the original Last Message, in this game we have 14 more achievements and 10 unique ends. Much of the game's art was re-made, new photos and audios (headphones highly recommended)!

This game can be short, but it has a lot of H. P. Lovecraft references and:
* 18 different ends (+1 secret end), in paths that cross each others.
* 45 achievements that can be unlocked in-game.
* Weird messages, photos, texts, codes... This game looks like it is hiding something secret, mysterious... Can you solve the enigma?

====MORE GAMES====

Free Version (no ads): Last Message

Last Message 2 (Only in portuguese until now)

====MORE INFO====

There is a reference guide explaining the names and references in the game (only in portuguese):

Guide to the achievements and endings (in portuguese only):
Guia de medalhas e finais:

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4.1 and up

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