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A collection of proverbs for display.
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*** If you do something, something will happen. If you do nothing, nothing will happen! ***

It all starts with the small gray cells in your head - easily teach them color!
It's worth it! Promised.

"Oh, what would I be happy if I were happy." (Voltaire)
Don't wait any longer and take your luck into your own hands. With confidence and courage. Because these are the prerequisites to influence your life - according to your own needs and desires towards more satisfaction and many moments of happiness. Do you lack the courage? Self confidence? Well - that can be changed (easily).

Because self-confidence is not an innate ability, but learned through experience - more - or less. Everyone has the opportunity to strengthen it significantly. Only: "Whoever does the same always gets the same result." (Thomas Edison) Therefore: Do something new every day. Invest only 2 - 5 minutes a day and take a small - just a small - step out of your comfort zone. This is how you give your brain the opportunity to learn new things. And over time you will feel your courage grow. From day to day. A little more with each task. And with it grow self-confidence and joie de vivre.

Only - what exactly can you do? This is exactly where the app supports you: on 99 days you will receive a small task every day, an idea that will take you out of your comfort zone. After these 3 months of “trusting yourself” every day, your brain has internalized it: you will have more courage, self-confidence and joie de vivre in the long term. Now you just have to dare to start. When, if not now?

"The beginning is (already) half of the whole." (Aristotle)


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