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Light Drops Pro Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Light Drops Pro

A beautiful customizable live wallpaper that displays moving points of light.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Light Drops Pro is now available on the regular basis.

A beautiful customizable live wallpaper that displays moving points of light.

Besides the 18 stunning presets included, you can fully customize the wallpaper to your taste by creating your own presets. There are six different movement themes and four shape sets to choose from. Select a background color and up to four colors for the light particles. Change size, amount, speed and opacity of the particles. You can also let them flicker and rotate. There are literally millions of possibilities!

Light Drops Pro lets you easily import and export your presets. Just send a preset code to anyone you'd like to share it with! You can also take a screenshot of your wallpaper. All graphics are created using real vintage lenses, resulting in a beautiful organic look. These out-of-focus light dots are also called "bokeh" and each lens has it's own characteristics. This is something that is not achievable with computer generated graphics.

To start using Light Drops, go to Settings -> Display -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers and select "Light Drops" from the list. Permission to write to SD Card is only used for saving screenshots.

+ six movement themes (Chaos, Rain, Space, Passenger, Fireworks, Vortex)
+ four shape sets (Orestes, Luna, Xenon, Nox)
+ 18 beautiful presets
+ full customization of all settings (colors, opacity, speed, amount, size)
+ let particles flicker and rotate
+ preset management including import/export via preset code
+ screenshot capability
+ random settings generator (if you're feeling lucky)


distant blue - mobile solutions









2.2 and up

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