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MAN Truck Fault Code Errors Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - MAN Truck Fault Code Errors

Mobile app that every truck and bus owner or driver must have.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. MAN Truck Fault Code Errors is now available on the regular basis.

Mobile app that every MAN truck and bus owner or driver must have.

This app will halves your stop time.
Sometimes the problem on vehicle is big, sometimes the problem is small and solved quickly. If you have this application with you, you will always know how serious your problem is.

Which vehicles are supported
All MAN truck and buses with digital dashboard. MAN TGA, MAN TGX, MAN TGM, MAN TGL, MAN TGS fault codes.
The MAN ships are not supported by this app.

Does app working offline?
Yes. After install this app, you can use it everywhere without Internet connection. All code errors are with you.

This app can be of great help to you quickly diagnose a failure on your vehicle. There are over 20,000 errors in the database, for MAN trucks and buses with the exact definition of the problem.

Example MAN fault code: EDC 03779-01, search 03779 or EDC 03779 (-01 no meaning)
You will get the exact meaning of the error in the application.

Customer Support
If your error(fault) code not on database, you can send message to us and we will find solution. For all our customers we have support on our service (LKW Service).
If you are unsure of the functionality, you can send us an error or a photo of the dashboard, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

*On time licence
When you buy application you can unlimited use and access for all updates.
Currently, only the Android version is available
If you are a service technician and you are interested in the version of the application on your computer, you can contact us to provide you with a trial version.

Additional languages?
There are currently no supported additional languages other than English, but the application is left with the option to copy the error by keeping your finger on the error and then pasting it into Google Translate.

Additional costs?
There are no additional or hidden costs!


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