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Material App Locker Giveaway

Android Giveaway of the Day - Material App Locker

3 in 1 Android App Locker : App lock, Rotation lock & Keep screen ON lock 1.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Material App Locker is now available on the regular basis.

3 in 1 Android App Locker : App lock, Rotation lock & Keep screen ON lock 1. Material App Locker is security app protects phone from annoying people by locking applications from public access, only you will be able to unlock them again using 4 digit PIN.
Protect your apps like Facebook, Whatsup, sms, contacts.

2. Keep Screen On Lock: You don't have to keep touching the screen to prevent the screen from going off while reading emails, E-Books.

3. Rotation Lock: if you find automatic screen rotation annoying then this app is for you. Allows you to select the Apps and the Rotation Mode for the apps. it will rotate screen to Portrait / Landscape mode based on your selections.

Material App Locker with the Rotation Lock and Keep Screen On Lock unblocked drops from $0.99 to FREE.

Material App Locker is App design with simplicity & most requested features.
Light, Fast, Material Design apps locker with the protection functionality most of us require, avoiding a bunch of functions those eat ups memory and most of us never use.

Service can be easily turn off if no more App lock required.

Keep your phone safe now: no more worry to give your phone to friend, workmates, kids.



Yogesh Dama










4.0 and up

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